guillaume deloizon

illustrator – comic artist – musician – streamer – quite french

aka ChevilleTortue


Animation played a big part in my decision to take up drawing as my profession. I don’t have as many animated scenes as I’d like to, so I will gather here those which I still like.

Bacterial Girl, a parody of Madonna’s 1980’s hit Material Girl

My Ghost Friend, a short film project of mine.
A one day animation challenge which I created. I lost every entry except my own. Please click on it if it doesn’t autoplay.
Life is Strange fan art. Life is Strange ©Don’t Nod, ©Square Enix
Overwatch fan art. Overwatch ©Blizzard

The following are from a Facebook series at the initiative of the Alsace region which I illustrated back in 2014, it told the story of Pieri and his family, fictional characters who lived in Sélestat during WWI.